Getting Started

Getting Started

API Owner/Publisher

If you are an API Owner looking to publish your APIs

Kindly visit the API Onboarding 101 section to know about the onboarding process for your APIs.

If you are an API Publisher looking to self-service your APIs

Kindly visit the API Publisher Guide section to learn about the steps to publish APIs on your own (self-servicing on the platform).

API Consumer/Developer

If you are an API Developer looking to self-service your applications and keys

From an API developer's perspective, you can get started in 4 simple steps listed below:

    1. Register Account

    Register for a user account to become part of the NBCUniversal developer community and have access to the APIs that your website or application consumes!

    Once on the registration page, fill out the required details and review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before submission. You should then receive an e-mail from the NBCUniversal API management team with the link to confirm your account. Once your e-mail is confirmed, you are good to sign in.

    2. Discover APIs

    Get detailed information on how our APIs work by reviewing the documentation.

    3. Get an API Key

    API keys allow the API owners to

    1. Control access to their APIs.
    2. Gather API usage metrics.

    To use any of the NBCUniversal APIs, a developer must apply for an API Key through the developer portal. The API Key creation is a 2 step process. Click here to register for a key.

    1. Key Registration
    2. Developer requests for a key through the portal. The developer would need to register first to request an API Key. Once requested, the key would be in a 'pending' state and is not yet ready for use. An email notification is sent to the API Owner for API Key approval.

    3. Enabling the Key
    4. API Owner enables the key using the control center. An email notification is sent to the developer after the action. All the key information for various APIs can be found through the My Account section.

    Once the API Key is approved, APIs can be invoked using the same key.

    4. Make Live Calls

    Visit the API Explorer section to know about how to make live calls (without much configurations) to the APIs using the enabled API key and see the live response on the browser itself.