Salient Features

Salient Features

Following are some of the salient features of the Mashery API Management platform.

  • Accessibility
  • API gateway can expose the APIs deployed on-prem (CORP Intranet or DMZ) or cloud in a secure way complaint with all NBCU security standards. The application teams don’t need to procure any new hardware & open firewalls to expose their APIs to external partners thus not only saving costs and but also achieving much faster time to market.

  • Security
  • API gateway handles the API security by providing out of box security support for OAuth 2.0, API Keys and digital signatures.

  • Geo Routing
  • Geo-Routing is a technology that dynamically routes calls to the location that is closest or most relevant to a specific caller. Depending on the current location of the user invoking the APIs, the calls will be routed to the nearest datacenter thereby enhancing the performance of an API and the user experience. The API Management hybrid architecture leverages the Global Traffic Manager (GTM) to perform geo-routing.

  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Mashery API gateway provides comprehensive reporting of the API consumption metrics and provides analytics. This helps in getting a clear insight into how the APIs are trending and help the business plan their volume and scaling.

  • Delegated Admin
  • This feature gives the benefit of self-service for the BTGs. It empowers the BTGs to publish their own content and APIs without having a dependency on the APIM team.

  • Caching
  • API Owners can take advantage of the caching feature on Mashery. Using the feature, API responses can be cached at the Mashery layer with a configurable time-to-live (TTL) value. This can help improve the response times for API calls.

  • Swagger Import & I/O Docs
  • Existing Swagger documentation can now be imported and used directly on Mashery without being forced to convert them to IO-Docs. This will help API Owners to leverage existing target API documentation created using OpenAPI specification.

    The Interactive Documentation or API Explorer feature on the Developer Portal provides an interactive interface for developers to learn how to use an API. Through Interactive Documentation, developers will quickly be able to make API requests and see the live responses returned from an API.

  • Response Filters
  • By leveraging the response filters, APIs can be configured to filter out specific fields in the response, for specific or all API consumers. This can be achieved at the Mashery layer without having to modify the target API.

  • Notification Templates
  • Notification emails are sent to the developers when they register for a new key or when the API calls reach or cross a specific limit. Notification emails can also be sent to notify developers about their API usage. Notification email templates are associated with API Plans, thereby allowing us to provide custom notification to different API Plan users.

  • Forums and Blogs
  • There are moderated forums and blogs to be used for developer engagement. Forums and blogs let the API publishers and consumers stay connected, help each other and be abreast with the latest industry trends.